August Forum 2019

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Sundays begin with a light breakfast in Fellowship Hall at 9am, followed by a presentation/lecture from 9:30–10:30am and worship in the sanctuary at 11am.

Sunday August 4 

9:30am: Presentation by FBC Spain Mission Immersion Group 

11am: Pastor Alyssa Preaching in Worship
It's All Dust (Luke 12:13-21)

Sunday August 11

9:30am: Presentation by FBC/Nineteenth Street Baptist Church History Group 

11am: Rev. Dr. Darryl Roberts, Pastor of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church, Preaching in Worship

Sunday August 18

9:30am Lecture: The Ties That Bind: Reclaiming Covenant Today by Rev. Dr. David Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics and director of the Center for Theology and Public Life at Mercer University in Atlanta/Macon, GA. Much of the dysfunction in American life and in our churches and families today is a result of the collapse of covenant-keeping. This central biblical theme can illuminate a path forward for church and society.

11am: David Gushee Preaching in Worship
Keeping Our Covenants (Isaiah 56:1-8, Matthew 5:31-37)

Sunday August 25

9:30am Lecture: Paul, Power, and Privilege by Dr. Angela Parker, Assistant Professor of New Testament and Greek at McAfee School of Theology, Atlanta, GA. In contemporary society, the devaluation of black and brown bodies in the United States is a continuing problem. Engaging power, privilege, and identity in Galatians, the lecture will problematize Paul’s privileged use of his own body as ״bearing the marks of Jesus ״ in Galatians 6:17, and will wrestle critically with the wholesale adoption of Pauline “identity” and “body” language while thinking through steps to nuance our understanding of Christian identity for individual bodies in the collective body of Christ.

11am: Angela Parker Preaching in Worship
Sandra Bland at the Cross (Mark 15:40-47)