Meet Our Newest Deacons

June 10: Ordination and Laying On of Hands During Worship

Lilia Abron, Didier Ahimera and Philip Hawkins begin 3-year terms of service this month. The congregation will have an opportunity to bless and pray for them on June 17, during worship.

Deepest thanks to Zena Aldridge and Mike Henson who just completed another term of deacon service. Their care, discernment and commitment to the way of Jesus are a blessing to us all.


Lilia Ann Abron
I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee to Baptist parents. I was baptized when I was 9 years old, sang in the junior choir, played piano, and was a member of the church sponsored Girl Scout troop from Brownie through Senior Scouts. I chose environmental engineering for my life’s work, because I was raised to respect the earth, and all humans who live on this planet. I endeavored to raise my three sons as I was raised. All were baptized here at First Baptist where I have been a member for more than 35 years. I am a Christian and am accepting of all believers and non-believers. I look forward to my time serving you again as a deacon.


Didier Ahimera
I accepted Christ into my heart early in childhood and I have had the pleasure of worshiping at FBC-DC since the summer of 2015. My family currently resides in Phoenix and nearly three decades ago they immigrated to the States from Burundi. Since joining this community of followers I’ve gotten to serve at Christ House on many occasions. My prayer is for the events of our community and the world to continue to stir our hearts so we are provoked to action, asking ourselves what more we can do.


Philip Hawkins
Church has been part of my fabric for as long as I can recall. But deeper than church, discerning the priorities of Christ has been part of my fabric since my early teenage years when I formally accepted Christ as Savior. I became part of the FBC-DC family in April 2017 shortly after I moved to the DC area. I have two children – Eric (26) and Mallary (24). Both of my parents and each of my siblings (and their families) are still living, all in the north Georgia area. I actively engage in the music ministry of FBC. I also have a passion for working (voluntarily) with those who are in hospitalization with depression and related mental health diagnoses. My prayer for FBC is that we continue to support each other as we remain open to Holy Spirit’s leading us through our present and our future.