Report on Gift to Puerto Rico/USVI

Anamer Waterheater 3.jpeg

On February 27, work began at Anamer Castrello’s family’s house in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Anamer, a member of our choir, flew to PR to help oversee the installation of the new solar water heater (the family has been without hot water since the middle of September 2017). Your gifts also purchased a new gas-powered generator which was delivered on Wednesday to Carolyn Roebuck’s family in St. Croix. Carolyn is the Director of FBC’s Child Development Center. And batteries that you donated will be sent soon to these families for use in flashlights and lanterns when they’re not allowed to use generators. The FBC family has given $3,275 and 238 batteries. Your generosity is making a real difference— thanks be to God!