The CenturyMen In Concert on Wednesday, Oct 11 @ 7pm

You may be wondering, “Who in the world are The CenturyMen?”  Well, let me tell you. The CenturyMen is a group of music ministers from across the country who gather together once a year for a concert tour or a recording project. They are professional musicians with graduate degrees in music who audition to be a part of the group. They were one of the first groups to gain entrance to China back in the late 70’s and have performed literally around the world. They once performed for the Dove Awards and in April 2016 they performed across the island of Cuba building relationships with the churches and church musicians there.

Their accompanist is Joseph Joubert. Joseph plays for numerous projects across New York including Broadway and television as well as traveling across the country as a guest soloist with various orchestras. He has been music director, conductor, and orchestrator for various Broadway musicals including, “Motown the Musical” and “The Color Purple.” On this year’s tour, Joseph will play a pre-concert of selections from his newest recording.

Their guest soloist is the accomplished lyric soprano, Renee Joubert, who specializes in a variety of musical styles. Their organist is our own Cindy Fuller.

This is quite an accomplished group of musicians. And I get to be their music director and conductor.

An important part of the story of The CenturyMen is that they pay their own way for every one of our projects. No one gets a salary. Their motivation is the privilege of sharing the gospel in song across the world. The expenditure of time, energy, and money from each and every one of them is substantial. It’s always a privilege to get to hear a CenturyMen concert. The members of The CenturyMen actually pay out of their pockets to come and sing.

On October 11, The CenturyMen will present a concert for us at 7pm. I hope you’ll brave the traffic and make it in to hear some incredible music. The CenturyMen only tour once a year. Every tour focuses on a different part of the country. It may be ten or twenty years before The CenturyMen return to our area. You’ll not want to miss it!

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Charlie Fuller
FBCDC Executive Pastor
CenturyMen Music Director and Conductor