Budget Proposal for 2016-17: A Bold Challenge for a Bold Vision

The First Baptist Church of the City of Washington, D. C.
Budget Proposal for 2016-17:  
A Bold Challenge for a Bold Vision

This balanced budget proposal reflects the prayerful collaboration among church officers, committee chairs, the Church Council and our senior pastor.  It proposes appropriate resources to meet our present operating needs, but more importantly it is intentional in moving us forward to be the church that Christ is calling us to become.  It proposes bold approaches to addressing the staffing we need to help us grow and support our congregation. It proposes initiatives to provide lay and ministerial staffing leadership development.  It is a proposal that challenges us.  It is a response to Jesus' call that each of us move courageously into the future.

Some Highlights:

Staffing Needs
Meeting our current and future pastoral needs is the boldest step taken in this budget. The increase in the ministerial staff budget provides:

  • Full funding for our senior pastor
    (this position was not funded in last year's budget because it had not yet been filled.)  
  • Funding for an Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults
    (to begin in the fall of 2016).
  • Funding for an Executive Pastor
    (at two-thirds time and salary; to begin January 1, 2017).  
  • Funding for our Associate Pastor for Children and Families,
    Deborah Cochran, who will return October 10th on a part-time basis
    (funding for that position has been adjusted accordingly).  

These critical pastoral resources will strengthen our outreach efforts; address the spiritual and life-stage needs of people in our congregation and community; provide strong support for our growing and active group of young adults; and provide essential daily support and continuity for lay and pastoral leadership.

Increased Funding for Missional Ventures
Our missions budget (now listed at the beginning of the budget and titled "Missional Ministries Beyond our Walls") increases by 14% ($8,000).  It provides $3000 in new support to be divided among eight new Baptist organizations and an additional $5000 for the proposed Cuba mission trip in 2017.  These proposals allow FBC to join with a number of Baptist groups addressing the cause of Christ here and abroad. They will open additional avenues of communication and participation for our congregation.

Leadership Development
The budget provides $14,500 in new funding for essential lay and staff leadership development. In addition, $27,790 is provided for ministerial staff professional development, training, participation in denominational events, and other learning opportunities that will strengthen their service to our congregation and the community we serve.

Funds for the Pastor Search Committee have been reduced from $15,000 to $600 because that committee has nearly completed its work. The Space for Ministry line has been eliminated to allow funding for more critical needs. Because Mosaic worship services end on September 24th (see the letter from Sam Hill - http://bit.ly/Mosaic-Transition), related funds have been reduced.

This balanced budget proposal is an act of faith by past members who gave sacrificially to our Special Purpose Accounts and the FBC Foundation.  It is a leap of faith for the current congregation because it challenges us with about a 12% increase in congregational giving. Indeed, it responds to the call that we each put our hand to the plow and look to the future into which Jesus is leading us. 

With anticipation and hope,

Stewardship Committee      
     Dennis Lambert (chair)                            
     Rochelle Howard
     Rob Marus

     Mike Henson

     Lucy Plovnick        

Associate Pastor Search Committee Chair
     Erik Smith

Personnel Chair
     Denny Austin

Board of Trustees Chair
     Ken Ellison

Senior Pastor
     Julie Pennington-Russell