The Austin Organ & Steinway Piano:
Instruments of Praise

The Austin Organ

Our sanctuary was designed over 60 years ago to house a grand organ. In 2013 dreams finally came to life when several generous families made possible the purchase of a magnificent instrument that includes more than 6,000 pipes and trumpets in four chambers. Custom-built by the Austin Organ Company of Hartford, Conn., the organ console features five manuals and 229 stops.

The Steinway Piano

The congregation’s love of music at First Baptist led to the purchase in late 2007 of a hand-crafted, nine-foot Steinway Model D concert grand piano, thanks to the gifts of generous members of the congregation. The piano is signed by the late Henry Ziegler Steinway, the great-grandson of the founder of Steinway & Sons.


Guest organists who have performed at First Baptist include Ken Cowan, Christopher Houlihan, Hector Olivera, Adam Brakel, and J. Reilly Lewis. 




Pianist Thomas Pandolfi has performed numerous recitals on the Steinway, and it provided accompaniment for soprano Alessandra Marc in a concert in 2010.