Loving and Knowing Our Neighbors- July 16, 2017

July16, 2017 - Text: Matt. 22:34-40
Amanda Tyler, Executive Director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty (and a member of FBCDC) brought the message while Pastor Julie was on retreat. In 2016, Amanda became the sixth executive director in the organization’s 80-year history. She earned her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and her law degree from The University of Texas.

Matters of Life & Death: Faith in the Second Half of Life - May 14, 2017

“The prevailing task of the second half of life is to let go of anger and forgive. To forgive everybody--your family, your church, your nation, your enemies, yourself...and ultimately, to forgive God because life isn’t fair.”

May 14, 2016 Text:  Luke 15:11-31

Turning Points: The Cheering Stones - April 9, 2017

On the first Palm Sunday, Jesus told the religious cynics: “If these people don’t praise me, the very rocks will cry out.” Which is to say: God’s song is bigger than you and me. It’s deeper than our disillusionment and greater than our doubt.  God’s song runs through all creation.