The Gallery Organ

The Gallery Organ (Swell and Great) will consist of thirty ranks of pipes, which will frame the magnificent redemption window at the rear of the sanctuary.

The most important function of the Gallery Organ is to enhance the sound of the main organ in the chancel down the length of the church. While Austin Organ Company engineered the chancel organ to provide the maximum presence and impact possible in the building, the Gallery Organ will greatly enhance the musical environment of the sanctuary, particularly as it encourages congregational singing.

The Gallery Organ will reinforce the chancel organ from about the midway point of the sanctuary toward the back. Listeners throughout the building will feel enveloped in sound coming from both ends of the building. The chancel and gallery instruments will blend together and create the impression that the sound is originating from all around the listener. This applies not only to full effects to lead the entire congregation, but also to sublimely quiet effects which might get lost in a full building. Adding a very subtle sound in the chancel to a very subtle sound in the gallery will make a delicate effect which seems to pervade the entire building. If this sound originated in the gallery alone it might well be lost midway and further back in the building.

Additionally, the resources of the gallery will add not only to the breadth of literature which the instrument can play, but also to the antiphonal effects which are possible. A creative and thoughtful artist will be able to exploit dramatic spatial effects, moving sound from one end of the building to the other, in effect turning the entire room into a musical instrument. The entire instrument, front and back, smothered under expression, will sound massive, but caged or restrained.

The Gallery Organ will be a fine example of liturgical recycling: it will contain renovated pipes from the original First Baptist organ – the 1948 instrument that was taken from the previous building and placed in the organ chambers of the new Sanctuary in 1955. Use of the 1948 organ pipes reduced the cost of the project by $40,000. They also serve as a link to the church’s musical past, as these pipes have played for at least four US presidents (Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton).

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March 29, 2015


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Rev. Lee Fox

Director of Support Ministries



Isaiah 50:4-9a

Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29

Philippians 2:5-11

Mark 11:1-11



Lawrence P. Schreiber
"Vexilla Regis"
 Edward C. Bairstow
"O Christ, We Climb the Hill with Thee"
Winchester New
"Lonesome Valley"
Beth Prince, Soprano
The Chancel Choir
"Palm Sunday Response"
L. P. Schreiber
"Beneath the Cross of Jesus"
St. Christopher

"Vexilla Regis"
Sidney Campbell


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